Authorities of the Institute of Political Studies and International Relations


Dr hab. Robert Kłosowicz, prof. UJ

Office hours:

Monday: 14.00-15.00

ul. Jabłonowskich 5

room 6

Deputy Head for General Affairs

Dr Adrian Tyszkiewicz

Office hours:

Thursday 11.30-13.00

ul. Jabłonowskich 5

room 8

Deputy Head for Educational Affairs

Dr Paweł Ścigaj

Friday 11:00-13:00

ul. Jabłonowskich 5

room 8

Head of the Doctoral Programme

Dr hab. Anna Citkowska-Kimla, prof. UJ

Office hours:

Tuesday 13.00-14.00

Chair of Modern Political Doctrines

ul. Jabłonowskich 5, room 5


Head of Part-time Programmes of Study

Dr hab. Olgierd Grott

Thursday 10.00-11.00

ul. Jabłonowskich 5

room 4